Monday, October 20, 2014

St. Tropez, part 2

Here's my true love and I, in a couple of the rare photos of the two of us taken during the trip.  True Love!

Here's Aurelien's Great Grandmother and her sister, Tadith, the Matriarchs of the family.  Awesome genetics!

Here's my beautiful boy with all his many facial expressions!  He was really starting to show his little personality in those days!

Here's my beautiful man!

The only selfie from the whole summer because I was a very sick lady the whole trip.  After we got home I went to the doctor and found out why-my pharmacy messed up my prescriptions and had me on a half dose of Thyroid the whole time I was in France.  No wonder I was sick as a dog the whole time.  Paradise was truly wasted on unfortunate!  Well, at least I survived and I'm alive to tell the tale!
A super fun day trip to Monaco.  A couple of highlights of that were the Royal Aquarium and the ancient village.  Very cute place!

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