Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Angel Project

This was a project I did from a tutorial in the latest issue of Someset Apprentice. I tried all sorts of painting mediums for the very first time, modeling paste, crackle medium, and this clear paint that has little glass beads in it. I also did my first gel medium image transfer, which is a really neat technique. It was really fun.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Artful Adventures in Paris

Here is a recent project, a thank you card for my french almost-sister-in-law and her husband. Speaking of which, I guess I am going to be in Paris for a little while, waiting to get married and then waiting for my love's green card to be approved so we can go home to our tranquil little sanctuary in Portland, Oregon, USA!!!! I might be here for awhile so I am trying to get as much art-related fun and joy out of it as I can. I'm also doing "The Artist's Way" course, which I have always wanted to do and now I actually have the time!

Some more goals: connect with the Paris scrapbooking community, find some flea market ephemera-i.e. documents, sheet music, journals, postcards, photos, ribbons, buttons, fabric, lace etc, learn adobe photoshop, possibly sell some artwork at Place de Bastille, and maybe try to get published in "Somerset Studio". Why not reach for the stars??? This year I actually have the luxury of the time, so the possibilities are endless!!!