Friday, January 24, 2014

Grandpa and Grandma Scrapbook Page

This is a scrapbook page of the days just following my radiation treatment a year ago.  William couldn't even be in our house for 2 weeks because I was so radioactive, so he had to go and stay with my parents.  They took such amazing care of him, and the 3 of them grew really close.  They are still so bonded, more so than ever a year later, and I really feel it is because of the 2 weeks he spent there.  I can only imagine how he was feeling to be separated from me for such a long time.  It was VERY hard on me, and I hope I never have to repeat the experience.  It was actually really heartbreaking, to tell the truth.  Anyway, we were soooooooooooo thankful for everything my parents did for little William during that time and that is what this scrapbook page is all about.

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