Friday, July 17, 2015

DIY Cuteness

 I really love to do DIY decor projects around my house.  I decorate slowly, waiting until I find things that are the right fit for a always works out!  I had this empty space above the closet in our  bedroom that I have been daydreaming about filling with cuteness for a couple of years now.  Enter the Maggie Holmes Heart Frame.  I have had this since last fall, sitting in my art studio waiting for the right project. 
 One day it just clicked!  This would go above our Bedroom closet, but it must first be painted teal!  (Those of you who know me IRL know about my obsession with "Mermaid Colors"!!!)  So I filled it with cuteness, and voila! Ready to hang in our room!
Then the next phase of my decorating scheme happened serendipitously (um I think that's how you spell it!!!) when I was reading through the latest issue of a super fun magazine, "Make It Yourself".  Right up my alley.  Anyway...they had a feature on lace-filled embroidery hoop wall hangings!  Love!!!!!  Of course I had to make mine super colorful...and there you go, the DIY cuteness is complete!

I have been procrastinating blogging so badly in lieu of actually doing art, but now I'm unbelievably all caught up on my scrapbooking for the first time in 3 years, and I'm all done with all my current sewing projects.  So it's back to updating all my online stuff, ie. blog, and all 3 of my online shops, my newsletter, etc...then I'll go back to painting new paintings after that...
Life is good here at the Carnoy homestead in the city...tomorrow my hubby's friends arrive from France for a 3 week stay, that should be interesting!!!!! LOLOLOL!

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