Friday, December 5, 2014

Fabulous Friday Flashback-More Pregnancy Photos from 2012

I had to go into the hospital Friday, July 13th, because my blood pressure was too high.  So they began giving me pitocin hoping that it would induce labor.  I had some appallingly painful contractions over the course of the few days I was there with no progress in the labor.  No epidural because I wasn't dilated enough or some garbage like that.  So yeah.  OUCH!!!  We decided that I would just go home and be on bedrest and see if labor would start naturally on it's own.  That didn't happen, and so after a couple more days we went into the hospital again to have William, for real this time.  And that is a whole other story.  Anyway, these scrapbook pages chronicle that time.

I know this may scandalize some people, but I absolutely love these pictures of enormously pregnant me, dancing naked.  I felt like such an earth mama, a fertility goddess.  I loved it!

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