Monday, February 3, 2014

Authentic Heart Revealed-A Motherhood Moment Poem

I wrote this just after the Soul Sisters Conference last fall, when I was still very much in that beautiful, creative soul space where poetry just naturally flows...I felt like I could have written oodles of poems, but this is the only one I managed to capture...

2:30 am

Tonight you were my little animal
My puppy
My cub
My little offspring.
I ran for the bottle,
Eager to appease
Your lusty cries.
You drank it up,
Full of thirst
Until you were satiated.
You grunted to let me know you were done,
Then nudged me to initiate
Cuddle time.
I flipped you over and we began our dance.
Belly to belly
We relaxed into each other.
Oxytocin flowed
As I smushed my lips into
Your soft skull
Your feather hair
And breathed in
The fragrance of you.
It filled my nostrils
And seemed to flow
Directly into my heart.
We rocked, and snuggled,
And very soon you slept.
Our beautiful animal dance,
Performed so many times,
So precious to this
Late in life,
Having lost all hope of you ever coming
My back, my knees, my neck
All began to ache
But still I held out
Holding you as you slept on,
Filling your mama’s heart
Full to the brim, then overflowing just a little.
I creakily got to my feet,
Gently cradling you, my beautiful huge son.
Tenderly I placed you in your crib, and tiptoed silently away.
Back to sleep, hopefully, or else awaiting your further summons.
Oh my sweet.
Oh my baby loves.
You will grow up,
My big beautiful son
And the pearls of these times
When I can rock you to sleep
Will become a distant memory.
So I gather each precious pearl
While I still can,
And place it lovingly in my treasure box.
So grateful for each and every one.

Mommy loves William.

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  1. I LOVE this Christina! It is beautiful. It is making me lactate?!?! Just kidding, but it is that moving - right to my heart. Thank you <3