Sunday, November 13, 2011

New Painting!!!

I made this during a painting class last Thursday night taught by one of my personal role models, Melody Ross, at Elida's Studio and Gallery in Camas, Washington. It was an awesome experience, in the true, old Biblical sense of "Awe-Inspiring". The next night, Friday, was Melody's first solo art show, also at the gallery. Meeting Melody Ross was unspeakably amazing. We are totally soul sisters! She really pierced my heart with truth. I have been deeply touched and truly transformed by this experience...I am so thankful that Melody exists. God's creation is immeasurably blessed that she is a part of our world! I will keep being a Brave Girl, and I will keep preaching the good news of being Brave Girls to transform our world, one beautiful soul at a time! Praise God!!!

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