Tuesday, May 17, 2011

She is Worth More Than Rubies

With this painting, I was inspired to combine all the techniques that I have been learning for the past 6 months, along with my own ideas of experimenting with watercolor crayons, gel medium, inks, and glazing mediums. I am working on 6 other paintings using the same style and techniques. It is slow work so far, but it might go faster once I feel more confident of the techniques that I am trying. This one was really my big experiment, so I had to get it just perfect, plus we have been super busy travelling for the past 2 weeks plus I have been sick with a mega-cold, so it felt like it took forever to finish her. But she is just how I wanted her to be, so it was worth it in the end! Now I just have to finish her 6 sisters!!!! The painting measures 11 3/4 inches X 16 1/2 inches and is done on mixed media paper.

1 comment:

  1. Christina, Great painting. I love the background. So many different things to look at. Have a great week and feel better. Angela